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Gas Piping For All Needs

Gas piping is serious business. At Middlesex Mechanical, we only use certified gas and pipefitters for line installation. We help clients all over London feel better knowing the job has been performed with the highest standards and safety in mind.

Gas piping can be a sensitive task, one that - if not done right - can lead to serious hazards. You shouldn't have to worry about the project once it's complete, and our professionals can help you rest easy.

Middlesex Mechanical offers natural gas piping and fitting services for barbecue gas lines, outdoor heater gas lines, hot water lines, kitchen appliances, and connecting new builds and renovations to existing infrastructure.

Gas piping and fitting is an important part of many different kinds of home, commercial, and industrial projects. Whatever your needs, our team of experts can be there to perform the job with your budget, space, and existing lines in mind.

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